The Forest-Railroad in Lillafüred (LÁEV, nearby Miskolc)

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Last modified on July 7, 1999.
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Short Story of LÁEV

The first linie of the 760 mm narrow gauge railroad was built in 1920 and the freight traffic started on May 3, 1921. Because the Bükk-mountains and Lillafüred has lot of natural beauty, the citizens were interested on the railroad with favorable approaching possibilities. So was started the passanger traffic for tourists and inhabitians (for them mainly traffic to the big iron and steelplant in Diósgyőr) in year 1923.
Between 1927 and 1930 was built the Hotel Palota (Palace). Because of this ran special government trains on the LÁEV, too. (Some cars of this trainset are today at the Children RR in Budapest (MÁV Line 7).

The Railroad was both in freight and passanger traffic popular. The performances growed mainly after the WW II, the number of passangers approximated the 300 000. Afterwards has begun the slow regression.

The stonetransport was stopped, the quarries by the trackside were closed. The track to near the center of Miskolc (St. Anna Church, Eszperanto tér) has been shorted to the today's endstation (Miskolc-Kilián Észak). The short wingtrack in Lillafüred has been picked up. The freight-traffic is characterized by decreasing wood-transport (in 1995 the volume was 0! But at the end of July 1996 I've seen 2 packed wood-transporters (JPEG)). Until the recent past the wood was transported to the Ládi-rakodó, where the LÁEV possessed a transfer possibility to the normal gauge line of MÁV (Hungarian State Railways). On the same route was transported coal for the paperworks in Diósgyőr. In year 1994-95 the rails from Miskolc-Kilián Észak to Ládi-rakodó were picked up and the contact was all us with it.

Today's traffic is mainly turistic.

Location and lines:

At present the LÁEV has two lines with total length from 34 km:
  1. Miskolc-Kilián Észak - Lillafüred - Garadna (14 km)
  2. (Miskolc-Kilián Észak) - Papírgyár - Taksalápa (20 km) This line was shorted with 3 km in 1997 to prevent the track from stoling.)
Constant service exist only on the line 1. On the line 2. is only weekend- or ordered service.

The location of lines is viewed on the map below:


  1. Miskolc - Lillafüred - Garadna - Miskolc
  2. (Miskolc) - Papírgyár - Taksalápa - Papírgyár - (Miskolc)

Dates, gossips and events

And there're some pictures in JPEG taken on the LÁEV: - D02-508 enters Endstation "Miskolc Kilián" with 3 summer cars (Photo: ?)
- The previos train after go round. (Photo: ?)
- The previos train leaves the same station. (Photo: ?)
- A winter picture the cars have the original paint from Childrenrailroad of Budapest (Photo: ?)
- A summer picture with D02-501 (Photo: ?)
- D02-501 and D02-505 at the station Kilián.
- D02-510 leaves the station Majláth with summer cars toward Kilián.
- D02-501 towards Garadna crosses "Papírgyár" station, Winter 1995/96
- D02-501 at Lillafüred, Winter 1995/96
- Between mountains and valleys is the train rattling... B&W picture, Bax car in Pioneer Railroad painting. (Photo: ?)
- The passenger car Nr.31. with fresh painting, but without labels, at Lillafüred.
- Maintance train leaves Lillafüred towards Garadna.
- The box car Nr.503, currently used in maintance service.

Club of Narrow Gauge Railroadfans's picture collection

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